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'Skint' Jane Arbuthnot scoops Belfast Telegraph's £20k prize


It was only her second day in a new job when Jane Arbuthnot found out that she had hit the jackpot.

The 28-year-old administration worker won £20,000 in the Belfast Telegraph's lottery draw and is now planning a trip to America – once she has paid off her credit card bill.

"I had just started a new job at Queen's University when I got the call from the Telegraph," Miss Arbuthnot said.

"I couldn't believe it, I thought it was a hoax. I am still in shock and have hardly slept all week."

Miss Arbuthnot entered the competition as she was short of money and always worried about paying the bills.

"I read the Belfast Telegraph every day for the gossip and the Sudoku," she said.

"I saw the lottery draw and decided to enter, as I was skint.

"I am always worrying about paying the bills and having enough oil in the tank.

"The first thing I am going to do now that I have won is pay off my overdraft and credit card bills.

"I hardly ever win anything."

Miss Arbuthnot rents a house in Belfast with a friend and is now planning to go to Pennsylvania in America next summer to visit friends.

It won't just be Jane who benefits from her lottery win – her family are going to get an extra special Christmas this year and she hopes to take her housemate out for a girly treat.

"I now will be able to get fantastic Christmas presents for my whole family," she said.

"I am also going to take my housemate Emma to a Boyzone concert."

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