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Snake found in Northern Ireland town: Police hunt owner of reptile

Police are appealing for the owner of a snake found on the street of a Northern Ireland town to get in touch.

The reptile was found on Portmore Street in Portadown on Sunday afternoon.

Police have urged everyone to take a quick headcount of their snake collection - after the initial panic dies down.

"Some bai who knows what he's talking about thinks it may be a Corn Snake variant," said police in a Facebook post.

"According to tinterweb, this is a very good thing: non venomous and they take out rodents."

If you own the snake, police ask you ring 101, quoting reference number 938 of 23/07/17.

The find sparked one officer's memory of the last time he had to deal with a snake on the loose back in 2013.

"I summoned my inner Steve Irwin, grabbed it behind the head and put it in a pillow case. Into the dark, instantly calm, result.

"On the way back to the station we got called to an ongoing mass brawl. The snake didn't like the sirens and the sideways round corners movement.

"We arrived and I jumped out of the car with a squirming pillow cased snake in one hand and my baton in the other. The wannabe cage fighters all seemed to have the same phobia and became remarkably compliant when I threatened to release the police snake on them. I wish we'd had body cameras back then.

"The footage would have broken the internet."

Sorry...the caller has come across WHAT now?! If everyone would like to panic in an orderly manner... Once that's...

Posted by PSNI Craigavon on Monday, July 24, 2017

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