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Snakes alive... reptile house gets a makeover

By Adrian Rutherford

A new-look reptile and amphibian house at Belfast Zoo is now home to some exciting species.

They include critically endangered frogs such as golden mantella, mossy frogs and the lemur leaf frog. Visitors can also see new reptile species including frilled lizard, the venomous Mexican beaded lizard, Jamaican boas and yellow-headed day gecko.

Belfast Zoo manager Alyn Cairns said: "Reptiles have walked the Earth for more than 340 million years, even outliving the dinosaurs, but many reptile species are facing increasing threats to their natural habitat and are being driven to the edge of extinction.

"Conservation is one of Belfast Zoo's primary aims, so we sought to develop new exhibits as well as expanding our collection to include 15 new species which have not previously been held at the zoo."

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