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Snow stranded family have no heat, no power, no water... and orphaned lambs to feed

By Claire McNeilly

Mum-of-two Sharon Davidson and her family have been stuck for four days with no heating, no water and no electricity.

They have also been sharing a home with three newly-born lambs, whose mothers were among eight casualties of the treacherous weather. Snow drifts measuring 10ft high remain at their farm outside Ligoniel.

Her children Nathan (nine) and Paulina (seven), haven't been able to go to school and have been helping out on the farm."It has been an absolute nightmare, but we kept our spirits up as best we could," said Mrs Davidson, who is a regional organiser for charity Infertility Network UK.

"My daughter has been helping to bottle feed the lambs every three hours and my son has been helping me dig the snow while my husband Gary has been out in a digger trying to clear the mile-long road because Roads Service couldn't reach us."

Mrs Davidson, whose mother-in-law Susan moved in with them due to the bad weather, added: "She thinks the snow is worse than it was in 1963 during one of the worst winters on record."

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