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So sorry ... how BBC's star finally received apology

Stephen Nolan: You see what I got to work out today, you see if someone makes a mistake, no matter how many mistakes they've made, fair enough, right. But I'm just trying to work out in my head whether this is part of the conman/gangster that because you stole from me, because you stole from Eamonn Holmes, you stole 30 grand off Eamonn Holmes, right?

John Cartmill: Yep.

SN: ...who is a friend of mine. All of a sudden your crime becomes high profile, so what have you got to do now? You've got to try to continue the con trick, you've got to now try to bluff people that actually you're sorry, 'cause you weren't sorry the first time.

JC: No but…

SN: It's when Eamonn and I were done and it was in the papers - now you're sorry?

JC: No, from I've done it and from I moved on in my life I've been sorry. Until yous contacted me I was never given the opportunity to apologise to you and I have done it and I'm doing it. Had I the opportunity to apologise to Eamonn…

SN: That's just b******* isn't it - what's to stop you writing a letter to us? You don't need a TV programme to have written to me to say sorry. You know my name, you know my address you had my phone number, you stole my credit card details.

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JC: Yes but…

SN: So you don't have the ability to pop a letter in the post?

JC: No but I've always been sorry.

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