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Social housing plan angers residents who bought before bubble burst

A group of residents who paid ‘top dollar’ for their flats in an apartment complex have been angered that a social housing association is to take over the remaining empty properties.

Owners of Redwoods apartments in Dunmurray paid premium prices for their homes during the height of the property boom but have been accused of ‘snobbery’ for rejecting the notion of social tenants living in their midst.

Speaking after a public meeting last night a spokeswoman for Clanmil told today’s BBC’s Nolan Show: “Clanmil tenants can bring a great synergy and life to the apartments which have been empty for years.”

The association said the family and retirement homes were set to be introduced into Redwoods, despite objections from existing property owners that they “bought into a private development and worked very hard and paid top dollar for them”.

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