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Soldiers killed in bomb attack remembered as plaque unveiled

By Mark Winter

Eight solders killed in an IRA roadside bomb attack in 1988 have been honoured with the unveiling of a new plaque at Ballygawley Memorial Garden.

The Memorial Garden was created in memory of the soldiers - all aged 21 or younger - who died in the ambush on the main road outside the Co Tyrone village. They had been travelling from RAF Aldergrove to their base at Omagh, having just completed an 18-month tour of duty.

Made by past members of A-Coy, 1st Battalion, The Light Infantry, the plaque was laid by Michael Garner and West Tyrone Ulster Unionist Party councillor Allan Rainey on the 27th anniversary of the atrocity.

Mr Garner was the Company Sergeant Major at the time of the bombing, and was one of the first people on the scene of the massacre.

There were 36 soldiers in the bus when the IRA detonated the bomb, killing eight and injuring all 28 survivors.

It is believed that the explosives used in the bombing had been sourced from Colonel Gadaffi's regime in Libya.

According to police, the bomb had been planted in a vehicle by the roadside and had been detonated by command wire.

The soldiers who died were: Jayson Burfitt (19), Richard Greener (21), Mark Norsworthy (18), Stephen Wilkinson (18), Jason Winter (19), Blair Bishop (19), Alexander Lewis (18) and Peter Bullock (21).

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