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Some Northern Ireland schools can do 'no more' to save money, warns Education Authority chief

The head of the education authority has said some schools can do
The head of the education authority has said some schools can do "no more" to save money (Ian West/PA)

The head of the Education Authority has said "no more" can be done to save money in some Northern Ireland schools.

Sara Long made the comments in a letter to all school principals where she acknowledged their "growing frustration" with a lack of adequate funding.

She said principals and school leaders had been working in "challenging circumstances," due to ongoing action short of strike by teaching unions, according to the BBC.

EA figures showed that more than 450 schools here could not balance their books in 2019.

"We realise that for some schools, there is no more that can be done to affect further savings.

"We acknowledge the challenges you face in relation to meeting the diverse and increasingly complex special educational needs of our children and young people and we will provide detailed action plans to address recommendations."

Ms Long, who took up the post of chief executive in April 2019, also said the Education Authority and teaching unions were developing new measures to address the abuse of school staff, including on social media.

"We are acutely aware of your concerns relating to the abuse of staff in schools, which we share with you," she said in her letter.

"We deem any abuse completely unacceptable."

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