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'Something has to give' - James Nesbitt dubs lack of government in Northern Ireland a 'scandal'

Northern Irish actor James Nesbitt has taken aim at Northern Ireland's politicians over the lack of devolved government at Stormont.

The Cold Feet and Lucky Man star said it was a "scandal" that Northern Ireland has been without a government for over 600 days and said that sooner or later "something has to give".

Nesbitt, from Ballymena, Co Antrim, told the Irish Sun that the progress made over the last twenty years could not be lost.

“On the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement to have the longest non-sitting government is a scandal," Nesbitt said.

“Something has to give simply because so much has been achieved.

"People forget this is one of the very few places that resolved a conflict through the will of its own people."

The actor is known for his fondness for his homeland and urged both sides to work for ordinary people.

“The progress that was made shouldn’t be thrown away. The politicians seem to be the only ones that can’t get on, ordinary people seem to get on fine. On both sides we need a bit more vision," Nesbitt said.

“The politicians need to concentrate more on their electorate rather than themselves. Something really has to give because the people of Northern Ireland really do deserve better.”

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