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Son 'beat dad with martial arts weapon and took £120'

By Alan Erwin

A Co Antrim man beat his vulnerable father with a martial arts weapon before stealing £120 from him, the High Court has heard.

Jamie Spence used nunchaku - two bars connected by a chain - to inflict blows about the victim's body, prosecutors claimed.

The 27-year-old is also accused of using another wooden baton to strike his father on the knees, brandishing a knife and threatening to kill him.

Spence, of Rathmoyne House in Kingsway, Dunmurry, faces counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, aggravated burglary and theft, possession of an offensive weapon with intent, and making threats to kill.

Further charges of criminal damage, possessing class B and C drugs and having a medicinal product without a prescription have been brought over the incident on November 1.

Spence was refused bail due to the potential risk of interference with his father.

The court heard he arrived "intoxicated" at Brian Spence's Lisburn home, took out a bag of blue tablets and said: "There's what I'm doing dad."

It was claimed that the defendant angrily declared: "You think you're a hard man, I'll show you hard", before pulling out a large wooden baton and hitting his father on the arm.

According to Brian Spence's account, his son asked "can you take any more?", and then struck him another three times.

Prosecutor Conor Maguire claimed Jamie Spence left the house before forcing his way back as his father tried to lock the door. At that stage the defendant allegedly stated: "Now I'm going to do your f****** knees."

"The applicant then struck his father with the wooden bat twice - once on each knee," Mr Maguire told the court.

A lampshade, glasses and plates were smashed before Jamie Spence produced the martial arts weapon and started to hit his father about the body, the barrister claimed.

He continued the alleged attack by going into the kitchen and returning with a six-inch knife.

At that stage, according to the prosecution, he threatened: "When I come back I'm going to kill you, dad."

Spence allegedly pushed his father onto the sofa, warning him that he was "dead" if he called the police.

Mr Maguire claimed: "He then left the house with the knife and took with him £120 from his father's wallet."

Spence was arrested later, allegedly in possession of some cannabis and diazepam.

Opposing bail, Mr Maguire argued that Spence could interfere with his father.

"The injured party in this case is an alcoholic who lives alone," he told the court.

Defence counsel stressed that Brian Spence had indicated he will be withdrawing the statement of complaint against his son.

Mr Justice Maguire denied bail. However, he said there may be a change of circumstances if the complaint was retracted.

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