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Son of man cleared over terror fails in payout bid

By Alan Ewin

The son of a west Belfast man whose convictions for terrorist offences were quashed after his death has lost a High Court challenge to being denied compensation.

Conor McNally was seeking to judicially review the Department of Justice's decision to refuse a payout after the guilty verdict against his father Stephen McCaul was ruled unsafe. But a judge dismissed his challenge because it failed to meet the legal test for financial redress to those found to have suffered a miscarriage of justice.

In 1979 Mr McCaul, then aged just 16, was sentenced to three years detention for offences linked to two bus hijackings and two burglaries where shotguns were stolen. Mr McCaul's convictions were quashed at the Court of Appeal in 2012. Mr Justice Maguire said: "This is a case at most of changing legal standards which have led to the reversal (of the guilty verdict). It is not a case of a new or newly discovered fact which has been instrumental to the court's conclusion quashing the convictions."

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