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Spad denies 'fill our boots' remark


Dr Andrew Crawford
Dr Andrew Crawford

By Staff Reporter

A DUP special adviser has rejected an allegation that he said "we could fill our boots" because the Renewable Heat Incentive was funded by the Treasury in London.

Civil servant Dr Andrew McCormick alleged the Spad made the remark at a dinner in 2016.

DUP 'Spad' Dr Andrew Crawford said he hadn't attended the 2016 NI Food and Drink Association (NIFDA) dinner.

But in a witness statement published last night, the RHI Inquiry team said they had found a YouTube video of the 2016 dinner and asked: "Do you still believe you were not at the 2016 NIFDA dinner?"

Dr Crawford responded : "It appears I did, in fact, attend the 206 NIFDA dinner.

"I did not remember having done so, and I am grateful to the inquiry for giving me the opportunity to correct the evidence in my last statement on the issue."

But Dr Crawford maintains he did not say the words attributed to him by Dr McCormick.

He said: "My evidence regarding the content of the conversation and in particular that I did not say 'I thought this was AME (annually managed expenditure) and we could fill our boots' remains. I am absolutely clear I did not say this."

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