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Sport NI chief Antoinette McKeown suspended from work

By David Young

The Chief Executive of Sport NI has been suspended from her post pending the investigation of "leadership issues" at the organisation.

Antoinette McKeown's suspension was confirmed last night by her trade union representative Kevin McAdam of Unite.

He said: "Antoinette currently is the Chief Executive Officer. She is currently under suspension pending investigation into leadership issues - not necessarily related to her - but to the organisation in general."

It was also revealed that Paul Scott, the Sport NI safety expert who claims he was put under pressure to approve designs for the controversial Casement Park stadium, had successfully invoked Sport NI's formal grievance procedures against Ms McKeown because of the way she had handled his complaints.

Culture Arts and Leisure Committee chairman Nelson McCausland said the issue of the suspension would be raised at the committee's meeting this week, as well as Mr Scott's concerns.

"We will also be examining all the papers submitted to us by Paul Scott about the Casement Park issue," he said. Sport NI did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Ms McKeown is the first woman head of Sport NI.

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