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Sports clubs to get programme support

By Michael Bashford

Sport Northern Ireland has launched Clubmark NI, a club development programme which supports the development and quality standard of junior sports clubs.

Clubmark NI aims to develop and achieve minimum operating standards within junior clubs and is delivered in partnership with various governing bodies of sport and local authorities.

It will result in quality sporting experiences, delivered in safe environments by effectively managed sports clubs.

Sport Northern Ireland chief executive Eamonn McCartan praised the initiative. He said: “Sport Northern Ireland is dedicated to developing people in sport, and sports clubs play a significant role in the overall development of sport.

“As such, Clubmark NI is a very important programme and is key to promoting increased participation and enhancing performance in sport, and most importantly starts at junior level so as to lay the most effective foundations for a lifelong enjoyment in sport.”

Support is available in assisting clubs to develop and achieve Clubmark NI accreditation through various means including Sport Northern Ireland’s club resource pack; the Clubmark NI web page at ; selected local authority sports development personnel; and selected governing body development staff.

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