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Spotlight to mark 40th anniversary

BBC Northern Ireland's flagship current affairs programme Spotlight turns 40 this month.

A special programme marking the event is to be screened tonight.

Landmarks from years past included interviewing George Best in 1979 after his return from playing in the US and more contemporary investigative programmes like that into Iris Robinson.

Jeremy Paxman and Gavin Esler were part of the team in the earlier days.

Paxman led a programme on the INLA and f lashes of his pugnacious character are evident - especially when he bluntly asked an INLA man: "How many people have you killed?"

To celebrate the milestone, BBC Northern Ireland will be showing a special programme looking back at some of the most significant moments in Spotlight's history.

Contributors include Paxman, Esler, Alex Thomson of Channel 4 news, Ian Paisley Jr and Paddy Kielty as well as current and former Spotlight staff talking through their most memorable moments.


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