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Spruce-up is right down community's alley

By Laura Abernethy

A South Belfast community has pulled together to create a little haven in an alleyway once swamped by rubbish.

Residents of Rutland Street and Farnham Street have spent the summer cleaning up and decorating the alley between their homes and they've now renamed it 'Miracle Way'.

Thanks to an initiative led by three local women, it has been transformed into a perfect place for residents to socialise and relax.

Fed up with the overflowing waste behind her house, Caroline Magowan decided to stage a clean-up operation and then a tea party to celebrate in June. At the event Caroline met Tracey Nelson and Tara Nugent and they decided to take it even further.

The ladies spent the summer helping their neighbours to paint the walls behind their homes to turn them into a series of murals, and it's really brought the community together.

Caroline said: "Painting the walls is the visible change but what is more important and more long lasting is that you are getting to know and trust your neighbours. This has allowed us all to talk to each other.

"One of our neighbours said it was a miracle that we'd done it, and miracle is an anagram of reclaim, so Miracle Way has stuck now."

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