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St Anne’s Dean unfazed by 'Occupy Belfast' protest

By John Mulgrew

The Dean of Belfast’s St Anne’s Cathedral has said a group protesting close to the building are not having a “negative impact” on the cathedral.

The demonstrators are part of a worldwide protest - angry over what they believe is the western world's reliance on corporate greed.

Reverend Canon John Mann said the protesters were not interfering with the day-to-day runnings.

The small group have set up camp in Writer’s Square opposite the cathedral on Donegall Street in Belfast city centre.

Reverend Mann added he was in regular contact with the ‘Occupy Belfast’ protesters.

“The people have been over and spoken to us and we have been over and spoken to them.

“We have shared things that they needed to borrow. I haven’t felt any negative impact.”

Reverend Mann’s comments come after the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral in London resigned following an ongoing protest outside its doors — forcing the cathedral to close.

The Right Reverend Graeme Knowles stepped down from his position yesterday following an Occupy London protest.

Last week, folk singer-songwriter Billy Bragg visited the Belfast protesters.

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