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Stab accused granted bail but banned from Antrim

By Alan Erwin

A man accused of trying to stab his sister's neighbour to death during a drink-fuelled house party in Antrim is banned from entering the town, a High Court judge has ordered.

The prohibition was imposed on Paul Catherwood (27) as he was granted bail on a charge of attempting to murder the other man last weekend.

He allegedly inflicted knife five wounds with a suspected meat cleaver-style blade when violence flared outside adjoining houses on Rathmore Gardens in the early hours of May 27.

Catherwood, of Mourne View Park in Lisburn, claims to have acted in self-defence, alleging he was attacked with a hammer at the scene. According to a Crown lawyer the stab victim's partner discovered him in the garden.

Mr Justice O'Hara heard Catherwood had drunk three to four beers and six vodkas, but told police he was "not paralytic". It was also stressed that no long-running feud exists between the two sides. Granting bail, the judge said his decision was based on the accused living well away from the scene.

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