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Star pupil Niamh joining the Ivy League

By Donna Deeney

Niamh Mullholand has made history for Thornhill College in Londonderry, becoming its first student to be accepted by Harvard University in America.

Niamh (18) secured her place thanks to great A-level results.

She scored an A* in maths, an A in physics and an A in English and an A* in further maths.

Remarkably, Thornhill doesn't teach further maths at A-level, so Niamh did it at home.

Niamh admitted she was "a bit excited" about being the only student in the 82 years of the all-girls school to be accepted at an Ivy League University.

She said: "I applied to both Harvard and Princeton because I prefer the way you can do a degree with them. I haven't decided if I will do maths or physics yet, and going to Harvard means I don't have to make a choice right away.

"People think it is very expensive to go to an Ivy League University, but they have a really good financial assistance package which looks into all of your circumstances, so it won't be as costly as you would think.

"I am pleased with my results and now I need to get my bags backed for next Wednesday when I head off along with my family."

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