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Stephen Nolan considers broadcasting retirement at 50 for teaching career

Stephen Nolan has hinted that he is considering retiring from broadcasting at the age of 50.

The broadcaster is a household name in Northern Ireland with his 'biggest show in the country' morning radio show and his Nolan Live television show.

He also hosts shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights on BBC Radio 5 live.

The presenter who turns 43 this year put the idea out on Twitter earlier this week.

Naturally he got quite a lot of reaction.

Speaking on his morning show Nolan said he was thinking about a change of career and was considering going into teaching.

He said: "I've had this wee thing on my mind over the past couple of days that I might try and get out at 50 and retire. I'm 43 this year and I've had the usual reaction on twitter with some of you saying 'could I not bring it forward to this year'.

"Others are kind and say 'we'd miss you', others saying 'I'd get bored'."

He then called for anyone who had retired early, for whatever reason, to let him know what they did.

He said: "I'm just suddenly aware of my age and from nowhere I'm thinking to myself, my goodness, if you get one chance at this life, should I do something completely different at 50?

"I don't know, maybe go into something else, maybe go teach. I don't know, just something completely different."

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