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Stephen Nolan: Cows crashed into my house and some farmer got a right guldering

Stephen Nolan has revealed that a farmer got an ear bashing from his mum after a herd of cows crashed into his Co Down home while he was on holidays.

The BBC presenter, during a discussion on cats and dogs on his Radio Ulster show, said his mum "nearly died" when they witnessed the destruction while staying at his Fantasy Island home.

He said: "My mum Big Audrey and friend wee Betty were staying at my house and do you know what they saw? It nearly killed the two of them - these two 75-year-old women.

"Ten cows had got out of some field beside my house and had crashed into my house

"So these things were all running around my garden, dirtying all up at the front door.

"Audrey looked out the window and there was a big bull looking at her.

"True story.

"She rang the farmer and I'll tell you he got a good guldering."

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