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Stephen Nolan hits out over malicious social media smear campaign [full statement]



Stephen Nolan

Stephen Nolan

Kevin Scott / Belfast Telegraph

Stephen Nolan

BBC presenter Stephen Nolan has hit out at "cowardly internet troll" after a manipulated image of him was widely shared online. Below is his full statement.

I have been the victim of a malicious social media campaign this week.

Internet trolls distorted a television image and then nastily and falsely used it to  suggest I had been acting inappropriately in a foreign country.

In actual fact , the real image was from my Nolan Live tv programme , of me in November 2016  on BBC Northern Ireland television , in my capacity as a tv presenter with a guest on my show.

18 months later , the tv images were then twisted and distorted into lies by internet trolls.

Those lies were then spread across social media this week with falsehood , in order to hurt me and cause me distress.

It is an extraordinary level of malicious vindictiveness .

For those who retweeted or liked or shared the defamation ,they too are vicious trolls who are no better than the keyboard warriors who created it .

My legal team has logged those cowards who shared , liked , retweeted or commented on this defamatory personal attack against me.

If they want to apologise , they would be wise to email my lawyer very quickly at ptweed@tweedlaw.co.uk

Bullying on the internet costs lives.

On behalf of all those children and adults who have found themselves bullied online , I will be using my strength and resources to pursue the trolls who defamed me so that they cannot bully anybody else.

I would like to thank my friends and colleagues who came to my support this week .

I’d like to thank the numerous politicians who called me personally to offer their support .

I should also thank the Northern Irish media and newspapers , who did not publish the image & rejected this nasty attempt to distress me .

Finally , I need to thank the Northern Ireland listeners and viewers who have bombarded me with support this week.

I have a very special relationship with you - even those of you who I wind up ! - and the only way I can pay you back is by me continuing to fight for your voices to be heard on radio and tv .

I am currently in the USA for a BBC project but I’ll talk to you all on the radio next week when I get home .

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