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Stephen Nolan remains in top 10 of BBC high earners

But report shows broadcaster among hardest working presenters

By Jonathan Bell

The BBC's Stephen Nolan remains among the top 10 BBC earners.

The corporation published the salaries of some of its biggest stars on Wednesday, revealing Mr Nolan to be on a salary of at least £409,999 for 360 radio shows and 20 television programmes.

It's the second year the BBC has published the salaries of its best-paid presenters. Many other well-known faces including actors, comedians and some hosts have been removed as their work is produced by BBC Studios which was deemed a commercial entity and therefore exempt from disclosure.

Gary Lineker was top of the list earning over £1.7m for the past financial year.

While Stephen Nolan was joint ninth on a salary band of between £400,000 and £409,999. The report revealed how this was for 210 shows on Radio Ulster, 20 editions of Nolan Live, 30 Question Time Extra Time on Radio 5 Live and 120 Stephen Nolan show also on 5 live.

Last year he was reported to be on a salary of between £400,000 to £449,999. However, in those figures his television work was not included as the shows were produced by his own company.

Defending his salary last year, Mr Nolan said he worked hard for it, working seven days a week on television and radio and often having two shows in one day.

I work hard for it: Stephen Nolan outlines facts of BBC salary - but is he value for money?

BBC salary list 2017/18.

1 Gary Lineker - £1,750,000-£1,759,999

2 Chris Evans - £1,660,000-£1,669,999

3 Graham Norton - £600,000-£609,999

4 Steve Wright - £550,000-£559,999

5 Huw Edwards - £520,000-£529,999

6 Jeremy Vine - £440,000-£449,999

=7 Nicky Campbell - £410,000-£419,999

=7 Alan Shearer - £410,000-£419,999

=9 John Humphrys - £400,000-£409,999

=9 Nick Grimshaw - £400,000-£409,999

=9 Stephen Nolan - £400,000-£409,999

=9 Andrew Marr - £400,000-£409,999

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