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Stephen Nolan says rat in his kitchen is driving him insane

By Cate McCurry

Stephen Nolan has revealed he has an unwanted lodger living in his kitchen cupboard.

The BBC presenter has been having sleepless nights after hearing a tapping sound coming from under his sink.

It appears the broadcaster suffers from musophobia - a fear of mice or rats - as he claimed there was a pest on the loose in his home.

Despite wrangling with politicians and asking the hard-hitting questions daily, the presenter has admitted he is terrified of his uninvited guest.

He even woke up in the middle of the night thinking a rat was climbing on top of him.

Speaking on the BBC Nolan Show, he said: "Under my kitchen sink there is tap, tap, tap. It's driving me insane. I don't know if it's a rat or a mouse? How do I know the difference?

"How do I get rid of this thing? I'm afraid to open the door. All I can hear is tap, tap, tap. If I run towards it, it stops."

Speaking about his weekend ordeal, he was advised to open the cupboard and look and see, but he wasn't keen on this idea: "I'm supposed to open the door and look at this thing. And then it pounces out and grabs me by the throat.

"There is a whole space under my bedroom door and I actually stuffed jumpers under it last night, in case this thing gets out of the kitchen cupboard and crawls in."

The BBC Nolan Show then featured Jimmy, a pest control expert, to pass on some advice. He told Mr Nolan he could tell the difference between mice and rats by their droppings.

"Mice droppings look like grains of rice but they are black. If it's rat droppings, it looks like the pip from an olive stone, like a Revel.

"If it's mice, the droppings are scattered everywhere."

He added: "If you aren't seeing the droppings that is the indicator that it could be rats."

But this didn't allay Stephen's fears as he questioned whether they had the power to open the cupboard door.

He said: "I woke up last night and thought it was on top of me."

In a bid to calm him down, Jimmy advised Stephen not to stress: "We deal with a lot of people who are phobic. Rats are no different from any other animals. If you go in to the woods and meet any wild animal, they will run away.

"They won't try and take you on. They get this pantomime villain type of character about them but they will run away."

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