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Stephen Nolan shares story of coming face to face with stalker - 'I got really frightened'

By Gareth Cross

BBC radio and television host Stephen Nolan has revealed how he was left shaken after coming face to face with a stalker.

Mr Nolan revealed the incident on his BBC Radio 5 live show on Friday whilst discussing the recent stalking case involving Northern Irish television presenter Christine Lampard.

He described it as an "extraordinary situation" and said the whole affair had a real impact on him.

Mr Nolan said about three years ago he started getting abusive phone messages on a daily basis to his office from a woman who called herself "Marie".

He said that at the beginning he took the messages in a light-hearted manner but then things took a serious turn.

"At the beginning it was quite comical, she went from being nasty to suggesting I was her boyfriend and that her and I were in love and what time was I coming home at," the Nolan Show host said.

"Then there would be a mother in the background screaming down the phone that I needed to treat her better, we would listen to these messages every day in the Nolan office and it was a little bit funny.

"It then got to the stage where there were letters coming into the BBC for me most days from this woman, who I had never met, never knew. She was saying on these messages, living in a world where she was living with me every day and she would listen to the radio every day and then recount what her and I had allegedly done together."

Mr Nolan was shocked to find himself face to face with Marie.

"I drove down to the BBC one morning and here is this woman flown over from Scotland, so now she was standing at the bonnet of my car screaming at me that her and I had been in this relationship for ten years and this is disgraceful that I was treating her this way," he said.

"Very little frightens me and I got really frightened because I thought where next? What if this woman picks up the phone to the police and alleges that I had done something.

"There was me vulnerable with this person I didn't know who had completely got herself into some type of state where reality didn't matter to her. Her reality was that her and I were together."

He began to get phone calls from local businesses after Marie convinced them that she was in a relationship with the popular presenter.

"I then got a phone call the same week from a hotel she had managed to convince them that I was her boyfriend and they were looking for me to settle the bill because she told them I would," Mr Nolan said.

"I then got a phone call from a business where she had managed to convince them we were together and her and I were leaving Northern Ireland to go back to Scotland to set up a home together.

"I had to phone the police, it's hard to imagine unless it's happening to you because it does strike fear into you. You think 'I'm vulnerable here' these people could say anything."

"I started changing my route home in case she was following me in a car, it changed my life to that extent."

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