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Stephen Nolan tells of family's miscarriages - 'Mum often talks about siblings I could have had'

By Jonathan Bell

BBC broadcaster Stephen Nolan has spoken of how his mother suffered miscarriages and often talks about the brothers and sisters he could have had.

"Clearly it is still on her mind," the presenter, an only child, told his listeners on his BBC Radio Ulster show on Thursday morning.

He was discussing the matter with Alliance MLA Kellie Armstrong who revealed she had been through 13 miscarriages, saying he felt "naive" discussing the issue.

He said his mother Audrey had two miscarriages before him and a number after he was born.

"And she would talk about the number of brothers and sisters I could have had."

MLA Kellie Armstrong said: "People need to talk about it, being able to verbalise those words is incredibly difficult.. but it can be such a comfort.

She said the debate around miscarriage was hidden behind the debate of abortion and recorded statistics over miscarriages was only the "tip of the iceberg" as health trusts only noted those incidents that happened in hospitals, which she said was very rare.

"It's traumatic, you feel on your own and yet no one wants to talk about it.... it's just not done."

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