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Stephen Nolan's BBC pay splits public in Northern Ireland

By Christine Carrigan

You can always count on Stephen Nolan to divide opinion. There were mixed views on the presenter's salary on the streets of Belfast yesterday.

The gender gap across the published BBC salaries was also a big talking point.

Telecoms engineer Matt Cushnahan (54) said: "I don't think any of them are worth the money.

"Also, the pay gaps need to be changed, they should be equal."

Len Murray (60) said: "I am a fan of Stephen Nolan and other BBC presenters. I feel like it is okay for them to be paid that, if they are giving out class programmes and I think that they are. The programmes are fair and balanced. I appreciate their honesty."

One woman who didn't want to be named commented: "I don't think it is anyone's business who gets paid what. Their salary is private business, it is not like you and I go around broadcasting ours. I wouldn't listen to Nolan personally, but obviously someone thinks that he is worth that kind of money.

"What does need to be addressed is the huge gap in earnings between men and women, it is an absolute disgrace."

Joanne Commins (22) added: "I am not a fan of Stephen Nolan, he doesn't deserve the money he gets."

"The revelations are an absolute joke; why is a woman still earning less than a man?"

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