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Sticking out their two wheels to road users

If you are out busying yourself about the city tomorrow evening —don’t worry, you aren’t seeing things. ‘Scooby Doo’ and ‘Piglet’ on a tandem have just cycled past you — along with a bunch of their other ‘colourful and wacky’ friends.

The Belfast arm of the global cycling movement ‘ Critical Mass’ are re-convening at their monthly start site at St Albert clock at 6.30pm, Friday, May 28. But this time they will be donning fancy dress.

A ‘spokes’ person for the group said:“Cyclists have the same rights to the roads as other road users.

“The Critical Mass bike rides round Belfast celebrate cycling, promote sustainable transport and are a healthy way to enjoy the city. I encourage everyone, young and old to join in and have fun at our monthly cycles.”

For further information contact Eamon on 07710 993 036 or emailcriticalmassbelfast@yahoo.co.uk

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