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Stories must be told... familiarity wipes away ignorance

Acclaimed Belfast theatre producer, director and actor Peter Quigley has taken on the role of daughter, carer and trans-woman Pauline in Emmanuel Darley's play Tuesdays at Tescos.

Following a sold-out run at the Mac in Belfast last month the show is visiting the Marketplace Theatre in Armagh on July 17, Burnavon Theatre, Cookstown, July 18 and the Alley Theatre, Strabane, July 19.

Peter said: "It has been a challenge. It is something outside my sphere of experience, but I did do some research to cover that ground and audiences are responding very well to the show.

There are huge sheets of double-glazing between me and the audience, so it's been unusual not to hear, feel or see the audience. It's a bit like playing on the radio.

The style of the production gives audiences a glimpse into reactions of those passing by to someone who is transgender.

It's important for any minority group that their stories are told and all communities, if possible, become familiar with each other. Familiarity wipes away ignorance and confusion. We see beneath these things and realise we are all just people underneath. It is as much about parent-child relationships as it is about being transgender.

Our sponsors, Herbert Smyth Freehills, are taking the show to their offices in London next year. There's also ambition to take it to the Irish Festival in New York. It is great to have such fantastic support."

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