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Storm-hit residents left to pick up pieces

By John Mulgrew

Residents in Londonderry have said something must be done to protect their homes after a landslide caused the collapse of a 30-metre stretch of wall.

It fell down in the early hours of Wednesday morning following torrential wind and rain, which battered the area.

With debris still falling and fears of further landslides, no organisation has stepped forward to take responsibility and carry out a risk assessment.

Two cars were crushed and oil leaked from tanks damaged by the landslide in Marlborough Terrace. Oil, which seeped under the houses, will mean a major operation to lift floors to remove it.

Resident Marian Mullan said her biggest concern was the possibility of further severe weather causing more damage.

“Nobody has come forward to take responsibility. But it can't be left, it's unsafe,” she said.

“If we have a heavy snowfall, or lots more rain, it'll cause major damage.

“My car is wrecked, I have no vehicle, and the smell of oil in the house is serious.

“I think most of the neighbours just want the whole area cleaned up and made safe.”

She said she feared the “wall will fall, and somebody will get hurt”. Her insurance company has yet to turn up.

Ms Mullan revealed a number of people had examined the wall, but so far no one had taken responsibility for the issue.

Another resident, Chris Wilson, had described the collapse as sounding like “a bomb had exploded”.

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