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Stormont Executive to receive an extra £120m from the Budget

The Stormont Executive is to receive an extra £120 million from the Budget.

Stormont's annual allowance for day- to-day spending is around £10 billion, while the capital budget for infrastructure is around £1 billion.

No Executive is in place and the spending plan for next year has not been set.

If that does not happen within three weeks civil servants will take over the finances.

Following Wednesday's Budget there will be an extra £90 million for day-to-day spending in Northern Ireland until 2019-20 while the capital coffers will get an extra £30 million until 2020/21.

The Alliance Party has called for emergency Budget legislation at Westminster to save thousands of employees from redundancy in Northern Ireland to be passed urgently, the Alliance Party said.

Dr Stephen Farry called on Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire to intervene with a Westminster rule change if agreement on forming an Executive is not found in the next three weeks.

DUP East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson said: "The additional investment in broadband innovation will be welcomed, particularly across many rural areas of Northern Ireland.

"Innovation in the market is necessary as many people only have one choice for broadband and that monopoly stifles the necessary innovation."

He added: "There should be concerns however that the forecast for growth is still heavily dependent on consumer spending and that spending is dependent upon borrowing

"We must ask why is it ok for growth to be fuelled by high levels of consumer debt, but the Government will not accept that infrastructure projects can have significant economic benefits funded through marginal increases in spending."


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