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Stormont talks deadline 'remains achievable', Brokenshire says

Secretary of State James Brokenshire believes that Thursday's deadline can still be met to agree a new power sharing arrangement at Stormont.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday evening, he said: "There is a real opportunity here to see the restoration of the executive before the statutory deadline on Thursday."

"The coming hours will be crucial in the creation of a new power sharing executive here in Northern Ireland," he told reporters.

Speaking of "intenstive engagement" between the two parties since Monday afternoon, he said Tuesday's talks focused on "matters of equality and of languages".

Secretary of State James Brokenshire press conference at Stormont.

Posted by Belfast Telegraph on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The announcement of a new funding package, he continued, "provided that context, of a government focused and determined to get on with being able to invest in infrastructure, being able to invest in a strong economy and the creation of jobs and prosperity.

Warning that "time is marching on", he said that agreement still hadn't been found languages and equality issues

Mr Brokenshire urged to parties to stay focused on the common good: "The parties will need to look beyond what divides them and actually look at those issues of common purpose, of what the people here in Northern Ireland want to see, which is the creation of an inclusive power sharing executive that will serve the interests of all the community."

Mr Brokenshire concluded by saying he believes that outcome "remains firmly achievable" by Thursday's deadline.


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