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Straw poll of pedestrians suggests 20mph plan a popular move

By Nevin Farrell

The majority of motorists and pedestrians spoken to in a straw poll agree with plans to slow down traffic to a maximum speed of 20mph in large swathes of Belfast city centre.

One of the streets involved in the scheme is Gresham Street at the back of CastleCourt shopping centre. Pedestrian John Wright (60), from Belfast, said: "A 20mph limit on a street like this would be fine as most people are using it for access to the shopping centre and there are a lot of pedestrians about. I am all for it."

Brian Hope (42), from Belfast, said: "There is too much speeding here, I have seen cars go round the corner into Gresham Street at 50 to 60mph."

Simon Milligan (42), from Belfast, said he had just returned home after living in Berlin for 20 years. He supported the 20mph limit and said that was because he also cycled but he said the restriction would "be better for everybody".

"Sure there is not much difference between 30mph and 20mph anyway," he added.

Jayne McDougal (30), from Belvoir in Belfast, was out with her children and said: "It would make a big difference and make pedestrians a lot safer."

Mark Lutton (24), from Newtownabbey, said: "On wee, narrow streets like this it makes sense. It would slow people down and more streets need to be one-way because in a street like this you could get your wing mirrors clipped if you are parked."

Peter Johnston (22), from Glengormley, said 20mph was "probably a good thing" but added: "In small streets like this you wouldn't notice much of a difference, but I can see where they are coming from on this."

The big city centre slowdown 

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