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Street entertainer told to leave Derry over indecency charge

By George Jackson

A street entertainer contracted to take part in the Halloween festivities in Londonderry was ordered to leave the city “immediately” by a district judge when he appeared before him charged with indecency offences.

Judge Barney McElholm ordered Jasm Kahla (27), whose address was given as Killard Square in Ballyhornan in Co Down, to leave Derry and not to return until his next court appointment.

The defendant was arrested on Tuesday morning following complaints from two female office workers that they'd seen him behaving in an indecent manner in front of an apartment window directly opposite their Clarendon Street office.

A police officer told the court that the women had made written statements to the PSNI about the defendant's alleged behaviour.

As a result of their statements the defendant was charged with indecently exposing himself and with committing indecent behaviour in the Clarendon Street flat on Tuesday morning.

The police witness said after his arrest the defendant admitted that he had stood naked in front of the window but he denied “performing any sexual act”.

The officer said on February 27 of this year the defendant had been convicted in another court of “indecent behaviour involving children”.

The officer said he opposed bail being granted because the defendant was contracted to attend the Halloween events at which children would be present and because he had a relevant conviction.

Applying for bail, solicitor Seamus Quigley said the defendant's contract ended today.

He said the defendant was staying the flat with other members of his extended family.

Mr Quigley said while he accepted there was a prima facie case to answer, the flat in which the defendant stayed had only one shower and the defendant maintained that he accidentally stood naked in front of the window after showering.

The district judge released the defendant on bail to appear in court again on November 22.

As part of his bail terms the defendant was ordered to leave Derry immediately, not to have any unsupervised contact with children under 18 and not to engage in any paid or voluntary activity which would bring him into contact with children.

Mr McElholm also ordered the defendant not to go within 50 metres of any child-centred location, to observe a 10.30pm to 6.30am curfew — and a 2pm to 4pm curfew to avoid children leaving school.

The defendant is also to be electronically tagged until his next court appearance.

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