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Striker Magennis in 'fry-ups and pies' row with Kilmarnock fan

By Laura Abernethy

Northern Ireland footballer Josh Magennis has found himself in a social media row with a fan who said the footballer "wouldn't be able to trap a medicine ball".

Following disappointing performances for Kilmarnock, Scottish fan Gordon Sawers criticised the striker and team in a rant posted on Facebook and Twitter.

He said the squad needed to train harder and claimed they were "eating fry-ups and pies instead of bananas and porridge".

He added: "I'm so frustrated. It isn't good enough. We need wins and points."

The video has been viewed more than 100,000 times since it was posted online at the end of August. In response to it, the footballer said: "For me, those kind of people are not fans. If they want to do that to me, they are poison.

"They pay their money, so all due respect, but then they get airtime on the radio and it just gets promoted.

"For me, people like that are irrelevant to my life. If you listen to that kind of stuff and you take it on board, you are not a footballer. For me, that just goes in one ear and out the other." But Gordon hit back in another expletive-laden rant targeted directly at the football star.

He said: "His first touch should be his last. I was a better player in my day."

And he told Magennis: "You should work hard for the team that's paying your wages instead of going on the radio and calling me poison."

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