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Strong-arm tactics for 10th Strongman extravaganza in city

Belfast is psyching itself up to welcome the return of some of the world's strongest men from August 22–26 including the Legend Viking of Iceland, four times world champion Magnus Ver Magnusson.

For the 10th time the city will be hosting the Belfast Ultimate Strongman Giant Weekend, at Queen's Quay, and Ver Magnusson is refereeing.

Competitors will be flexing their muscles when they battle it out for the Ultimate UK Strongest Man title and Master World Strongest Man 2013 title.

Junior competitors will also be in action as they compete for the Apeer Doors trophy and the right to be crowned the Ultimate Junior UK Strongest Man.

Current holder Eddie Hall, from England, will be defending his title as the UK's Strongest Man and competing for a hat-trick of wins, having previously won in 2011.

The event will host 16 competitors from throughout the UK and Ireland as they pull, lift and carry their way through events that will put them to the ultimate test.

Popular events making a return include the Stones of Strength, Tyre Flip and Railway Walk and new events will include a wrestling test, a new 4XL EVENT and a 10th Anniversary event.

Event organiser and legendary strongman Glenn Ross said: "I am delighted we are celebrating the 10th year of the Ultimate Strongman being staged in Belfast, I am very proud as a local man that the event has continued to build strength over the years and I'm excited to welcome the Legend Viking of Iceland, four times World Champ Magnus Ver Magnusson, who will referee this year's event."

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