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Student thrown out of QUB over criminal conviction wins High Court permission to challenge decision


Queen's University Belfast

Queen's University Belfast

Queen's University Belfast

A student thrown out of Queen's University in Belfast over a criminal conviction has won High Court permission to challenge the sanction.

His lawyers were granted leave to seek a judicial review of the decision to exclude him for a set period of time.

Due to reporting restrictions his identity cannot be revealed.

Although his name appeared in the press at the time of his conviction, an anonymity order was imposed amid fears further publication could increase the risk of suicide.

The student, referred to as CS, was convicted of offences which cannot be disclosed to ensure compliance with the court direction.

He is attempting to judicially review Queen's over the decision taken after criminal proceedings were completed.

Barrister Karen Quinlivan QC mounted a wide-ranging challenge to the outcome reached by the university in an internal appeal process.

Ruling on the application today, Mr Justice Horner held that an arguable case had been established on some grounds.

He granted permission to seek a judicial review on points dealing with privacy and fair trial entitlements under the European Convention on Human Rights.

A further argument about the procedural fairness of the university's disciplinary hearings was also allowed to advance.

The judge confirmed that "a case worthy of further investigation" had been established.

Listing the judicial review for a full two-day hearing in February, he added: "I'm conscious it's a matter of some urgency."

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