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Students at Northern Ireland universities in £2.7bn loan debt

Students who have attended Northern Ireland's universities owe an eye-watering £2.7billion in tuition fees and maintenance loan debts.

In Northern Ireland, students can borrow the cost of their £3,925 tuition fees and also take out a maintenance loan for living costs.

That is £3,750 if living at home and £4,840 if away from home.

Loan debt is only written off if the student has not repaid within 25 years of ending their studies.

The total for 2015/16 calculated by the Student Loans Company marks an 11% rise from the previous year's figure of £2.5billion.

Those students who had to start repaying their loans this year owe almost £19,270 on average.

Out of 210,000 students who have taken loans in Northern Ireland only 24,000 have repaid them all.

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