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Students' delight at A-level successes in Northern Ireland

There were jubilant scenes in schools across Northern Ireland as hundreds of pupils celebrated A-level success.

Even though students can access results online, many opted for the old fashioned method of opening brown envelopes alongside excited friends.

At Dominican College in North Belfast, pupils - who surpassed their own expectations - embraced and congratulated each other before contemplating their bright futures.

The all girls school was among the best performers in Belfast.

Head girl Julie Toal, 18, was delighted with her four A* grades in maths, chemistry, biology and music.

She said: "I could not actually believe the grades when I saw them but I am not going to contest them.

"It is a big relief.

"I am going to university and got into the course I wanted."

Julie has been accepted into Queen's University Belfast (QUB) to study law with politics and hopes to become a barrister some day.

Lucia Dunlop, 18, was "ecstatic" with her three grade As in biology, chemistry and maths and is going on to study medicine at Queen's.

The Glengormley girl said: "I worked hard.

"Everyone does.

"Thankfully it has paid off and I have been accepted into Queen's.

"Hopefully I'll be Dr Dunlop soon, if it all goes to plan."

Eighteen-year-old Tiarna Mulvenna from Jordanatown also obtained three A's in sociology, politics and English Literature and intends to study politics, philosophy and economics at QUB.

"I was really surprised," she said.

"Even my mum didn't think I was going to get in and thought I may have to go through clearing.

"Thankfully I don't.

"It was hard work and it was stressful but it has paid off now.

"I can't wait for university."

Shona Carson, 18, from North Belfast has also been accepted into Queen's with her two A's and a B.

She is planning to study business information technology.

She said: "I am really happy.

"One of my exams went really badly and I thought I would get a C but I got a B.

"I got onto the course I wanted so I can't complain.

"I would like to work for a big multi-national company someday."

Meanwhile, on the other side of Belfast, Campbell College was also celebrating one of its best ever years.

Twins Patrick and Rory Butler, 18, from Donaghadee in Co Down both excelled but have chosen very different paths which will see them living apart for the first time.

Patrick, who got an A* and two A's intends to study law at Durham University while his brother Rory, who obtained an A and two B's has deferred higher education for a year to concentrate on his rugby career.

Patrick joked: "We have never been in the same class as each other so it won't be too much of a wrench.

"We have spent the last 18 together so it might be quite nice to get away.

"I am really happy with my results.

"I got onto my first choice course so, am very pleased."

Rory added: "I will have the house to myself too which will be great."

Patrick Osborne achieved four A* grades in maths, further maths, physics and chemistry and has been accepted into University College London to study mechanical engineering.

He said: "Last night I wasn't too nervous but when I woke up it hit me all at once.

"I looked online and saw that I had got into UCL and I was just over the moon.

"I am really excited.

"London is one of the biggest cities in the world, I can't wait."

Meanwhile, Conor Johnston, 18, from Castlereagh will be setting off for Cambridge to study law at Corpus Christi College.

"It was tough and it was hard work," he said.

"I thought English had gone badly but in fact I did well and got an A*.

"You can just never tell.

"I was nervous because I did think it was going to be pretty hit and miss whether I would get the grades.

"Thankfully I did."


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