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Such a little deer... zoo unveils latest attraction

By Sarah Rainey

Nestled in the long grass at Belfast Zoo, this inquisitive baby deer stares boldly into the camera as it takes its first steps.

The tiny new arrival is the latest addition to the southern pudu family, one of the smallest species of deer in the world.

With its fluffy brown coat and white camouflage spots, the deer was born just last month and joins three others of the same family at the zoo.

This fawn, named Pequeño (Spanish for small) after its South American origins, was one of the smallest ever born in Northern Ireland, weighing the same as a pint of milk (about 1lb). Zoo manager Mark Challis said he was delighted to see the playful baby running around its enclosure.

“Southern pudus are facing a high risk of extinction in the wild so the birth of the fawn is extremely important,” he said.

While this baby is shorter than 30cm, adult deers can measure up to 43cm and weigh 13kg. Pequeño will reach his full height in three months’ time.

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