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Summer's gone but sun shines on in South East

Summer may be over but those lucky enough to be living in the South East are set for another helping of warm, dry weather on Sunday.

Britons in the South East can enjoy predicted highs of 22-23C by Sunday afternoon, following a damp start to the weekend.

The sun will also shine - if a little less brightly - upon Northern Ireland tomorrow afternoon, as a southerly breeze pushes warmer air northwards tomorrow.

Unfortunately for those further inland and in the west, showers are expected throughout Sunday as the warmer front pushes the rain clouds inland.

However, the rest of the UK could expect a share in the warmer temperatures from the beginning of the week, Met Office forecaster Chris Page said.

"It's actually going to feel largely pleasant, despite it already being autumn."

While some rain would linger in the west, the dry spell for the east and Northern Ireland is forecast to continue throughout Monday.

Tuesday and Wednesday is forecast to bring a smattering of sunshine and showers across the UK, with a wet and windy Wednesday expected for the west.

Tomorrow is likely to be the best day for Londoners desperate for some Vitamin D to make plans in the outdoors, Mr Page said.

"If they want a bit of sunshine, Sunday is the day to go with your family for a walk in the park."

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