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Sun shining across Northern Ireland...but get it while you can

Temperatures to creep into the early 20s on Wednesday

By John Mulgrew

Northern Ireland is set to bask in the baking heat today as the sun makes another rare appearance in the region.

And although the heat may not be as blazing as across the water - which could be set for the hottest day of the year so far - forecasters are hoping temperatures will reach the early 20s.

Temperatures are due to climb as high as 28C in south eastern regions of the UK.

But as is often the case in Northern Ireland - it's not going to last.

While Wednesday is set for clear skies and tropic heat, the weather is set to take a turn for the worse heading into the weekend.

And rain is on the way.

"It's looking about 20C for Northern Ireland, which is above average for this time of the year," said MeteoGroup forecaster Billy Payne.

"While we had some even warmer days at the start of the month, there will be some dry weather and sunshine across Northern Ireland today."

But the perfect pint and picnic conditions are not set to last.

"Through tonight there will be a front coming in from the west with some light rain moving into western parts.

"Tomorrow, the front will move further eastwards and all areas will see some light rain through the day.

"It was a nice start to the month but it has turned more unsettled. Heading into the weekend there will be long spells of rain, heavy showers and wind."

The longer term picture is less rosy, with meteorologists suggesting the recent run of wet summers could continue for a few more years yet.

Experts who gathered at the Met Office heard that the damp summer weather may have been caused by a 10 to 20 year pattern of warming in the Atlantic which may only have been happening since 2007.

The conditions may be responsible for shifting the jet stream to the south, leading to disappointing weather in six of the last seven summers.

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