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'Superpowers are to blame for all these deaths'

By Una Brankin

A man who came to Northern Ireland in search of a new life says the drowning of the little boy in Turkey is the fault of the richest and most powerful countries which have a responsibility to look after refugees and migrants.

Mohammed Javed (45) came to Belfast in 1986 in search of a better education than he was being offered in Pakistan.

Mr Javed said: "This current migrant crisis has been created by various US and UK administrations.

"They have destroyed countries like Libya, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan and created the conditions that have forced people to flee, much in the same way they have damaged the dairy industry here as a result of their short-sighted sanctions on the Russian leader, Putin. It is all bad foreign policy.

"It is the responsibility of the superpowers to look after these people. It is their fault that little boy was drowned trying to reach Kos.

"There is no opportunities in these countries, no law and order, no jobs - nothing for these people.

"There may not have been democracy in these places before the superpowers took over but at least there was some sort of workable system for the majority of these people.

"I came here in 1986, when I was 26, in search of an education in electronic engineering. My brother came before me and qualified as a gynaecologist and he brought me over to be educated at the University of Ulster. With my qualifications, I worked all over Ireland before I went into the restaurant business in Belfast. I married a Belfast woman and had three children and I gave people jobs.

"I'm happy enough here, I have loads of friends and I am fully integrated."

He said people given an opportunity will work hard for their adopted country.

"Migrants will work hard in the countries they seek refuge in.

"Locals don't want the low paid jobs. Many do not want to work weekends. Many do not want long shifts and late shifts.

"Migrants will do these jobs and they will make a contribution to the countries that take them in."

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