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Supreme Court to hand down ruling

By Staff Reporter

The UK'S highest court will rule over the legality of Northern Ireland's strict abortion law next week.

Seven Supreme Court justices in London will give their ruling on the controversial issue a year after its challenge concluded.

A brief summary of the court's decision will be delivered by one of the judges in a session expected to last around five minutes.

The court has been asked to rule that a prohibition on abortions where a pregnancy arises from rape or incest, or "involves a serious foetal abnormality", is unlawful.

The NI Human Rights Commission (NIHRC) claims the current law's effect on women is incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

The NIHRC told the panel of judges, headed by Lady Hale, that the current law criminalises "exceptionally vulnerable" women and girls and subjects them to "inhuman and degrading" treatment.

Contesting the appeal, Attorney General John Larkin QC, said our criminal law on abortion was a matter for the "democratic judgment" of the legislature.

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