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Suspect item removed from airport

Bomb disposal officers have removed a suspect package from an airport in Northern Ireland.

The item was found at St Angelo - a small airport outside Enniskillen in Co Fermanagh. Police said it was taken away by army technical officers for further examination.

There has been no official confirmation from the PSNI in relation to what the package contained.

The security alert, which has ended, saw the main Enniskillen to Kesh road closed through Monday evening. The airport, which is close to a number of residential houses and a busy sawmill business, is mainly used by recreational fliers and private jets.

Fermanagh and South Tyrone Assembly member Tom Elliott expressed concern at the incident.

"It is very concerning for the entire Northern Ireland community when we learn of more security alerts," said the Ulster Unionist representative.

"Many people within the area will obviously be worried about the impact that such a disturbance will have in the area and to the community. It is important that everyone stays alert and informs the security services of anything suspicious."

Police later confirmed the suspicious package was not an explosive device. They said bomb experts examined the package before calling off the alert.

Airport director Alan Cathcart said: "On Monday May 14, the pilot of a light aircraft, which arrived at Enniskillen airport from an airfield in England, found a suspect object on board. The emergency agencies were tasked to the airport. Army technical officers removed an object for examination and 'it was found to be nothing untoward'.

"Enniskillen airport is now fully operational and carrying on business as usual."


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