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Suspect sends police woman #LikesAWomanInUniform friend request after interrogation

By Suzanne Breen

A female PSNI officer’s post on social media about a male suspect fancying her has been a huge online hit which has led to a stream of sexual banter.

In a post on the PSNI Bangor Facebook page which has over 12,000 likes, the unnamed officer wrote: “The awkward moment when you interview a suspect and he sends you a friend request. #LikesAWomanInUniform”.

The post drew hundreds of comments with one member of the public telling the policewoman: “Leave those fluffy handcuffs and your hat in the station. I’ll call round for a wee borrow of them.”

Another person joked: “Grab your coat Miss PSNI, you’ve pulled a criminal.”

Many remarked that female cops were increasingly attractive. “That’s the modern age of policing now,” one woman declared. “Used to be policewomen were big and butch with a five o’clock shadow. Nobody would dare friend request them. PSNI females are the best looking in the force.” 

A male Facebook user joked with the officer: “Just think, when you were putting the cuffs on him, he was living his dream. You may hope he doesn’t know your rota, he may be back for more!”

Another man remarked: “Have you seen some of your female officers? I’d go out and commit a crime just so one of them can handcuff me.”

The PSNI officer signed off by explaining that she was taking some leave and would rely on her colleagues to keep the public up to speed with the situation in her absence.

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