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Suspected bomb blast damages car in Fermanagh

By Claire O'Boyle

An explosion has caused damage to a car after it went off in a built-up housing estate in Co Fermanagh.

A security alert was triggered in the early hours of yesterday morning at Sandys Wood in Irvinestown when a loud bang was heard by residents.

PSNI officers investigating found damage to a vehicle, thought to have been caused by an explosive device.

A man believed to have been near the vehicle when the device went off was treated in hospital for shock.

Ulster Unionist MP Tom Elliott has said that the community in Irvinestown deserve better than having a bomb planted in their midst. Mr Elliott said: "As long as I remember there has been great community relations within Irvinestown and the surrounding area. The last thing they want is to have an explosive device in their midst.

"The PSNI have indicated that they thought the damage to a vehicle was caused by an explosive device. Given that we have generally moved away from such threatening and murderous attacks, if it was an explosive device this is something that is not wanted in the area.

"I trust that local people will support and assist the police to hopefully apprehend the perpetrators of this act and stop any such repetition in Fermanagh and beyond."

DUP councillor Raymond Farrell said the impact of the explosion could have been much worse.

"This could have had truly tragic consequences. If young teens had been out at a social event, or a parent had been coming home from a late shift at work they could have been caught up in this. And that's not even to consider what lasting impact and trauma hearing an explosion could have on young children," he said.

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