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Suspended jail term for drunk and aggressive man who tried to board early morning Belfast flight


Swierzko was refused onto a Belfast flight to Poland. Pic: Mark Jamieson

Swierzko was refused onto a Belfast flight to Poland. Pic: Mark Jamieson

Swierzko was refused onto a Belfast flight to Poland. Pic: Mark Jamieson

Police had to be called to Belfast International Airport to assist with a would-be passenger who was being aggressive toward staff whilst he was drunk in the early morning

Krzysztof Swierzko (25), of Cushendall Road in Ballyvoy near Ballycastle, was intending to fly to Poland to visit his ill-father, but was ejected from the airport on Monday morning because of his behaviour.

He was arrested and after spending the night in custody appeared at Antrim Magistrates' Court on Tuesday where he pleaded guilty to a charge of disorderly behaviour.

A prosecutor told the court police were called at 6.05am to assist with the removal of a passenger who was at the departure gate wanting to catch an outbound flight to Poland.

The prosecutor said the defendant had consumed too much alcohol and was "aggressive" to airport staff and police.

He was shouting and waving his arms about as he was escorted from the terminal.

When arrested he continued to act in an aggressive manner at a police custody suite, the prosecutor added.

Defence solicitor Steven Ewing said his client was travelling back to Poland to visit his ill father.

He said the defendant, who has a job in Northern Ireland with a solar panel firm, had taken drink the night before and had continued drinking at the airport.

He said his client did not have much memory of what happened but wished to apologise for his actions.

The lawyer said the defendant had to spend the night in custody but that he had entered a guilty plea at an early stage.

Deputy District Judge Peter Prenter said the type of incident "seems to be more common-type behaviour" and said passengers and staff were inconvenienced.

He said the defendant was in "severe danger" of being jailed but took into account his limited criminal record and the guilty plea.

He told Swierzko he was facing "quite serious matters" but he suspended a three month jail term for a year.

The judge warned the defendant: "Stay out of trouble".

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