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Suspended jail term for yob who attacked driver

A man became involved in an incident that had nothing to do with him when a man and his wife were assaulted, Londonderry Magistrates Court has been told.

Stephen Alexander Bradley (33), of Foyle Crescent in Newbuildings, admitted the assaults which occurred on September 26 last year.

The court was told that there was an incident between a car driven by the injured party and another car.

As the driver parked and himself and his wife got out of the car they were approached by two men, one of them the defendant, in an aggressive manner.

Bradley grabbed the driver by the throat and when his wife came to his assistance she was grabbed and thrown up against a car.

Bradley was interviewed by police twice but made no response.

Bradley's solicitor said his client had not been involved in the earlier incident with the cars but had joined someone who had come into his shop.

Bradley had acted violently towards people who "really had nothing to do with him", he said.

District Judge Barney McElholm sentenced Bradley to two months in prison suspended for two years and ordered him to pay £250 to each of the victims.

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