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'Taigs out' bigots target new residents of Antrim home hit by arson attack

By Nevin Farrell

Police are investigating after 'Taigs Out' graffiti was sprayed on a house in rural north Antrim just days after its new occupier moved in.

It is the second time in two months the home has been targeted by loyalist bigots.

The family who had been living in the property previously fled in terror following a sectarian arson attack in October.

The graffiti was painted on the house on Tuesday night or yesterday morning.

The incident happened at Islandarragh Road in the Capecastle district, between Ballycastle and Armoy.

A PSNI spokeswoman said that officers were investigating an incident of criminal damage to a property.

The spokeswoman urged anyone with any information to come forward.

"It was reported that some time overnight graffiti was sprayed on the wall of a house in the area. Police are appealing for information," she said.

In October a Catholic couple living there were targeted in a sectarian attack.

Their car was burnt out by the thugs and 'Taigs Out' was sprayed on a wall.

Flames from the car spread to the home, severely damaging the front door, windows and guttering.

The couple, who are in their twenties, and their baby were in the house at the time and escaped uninjured.

Local people said yesterday that the people in the first attack left the house after the incident.

They also said that a Catholic family moved into the empty property just days before the latest offensive graffiti appeared.

Causeway Coast and Glens independent councillor Padraig McShane slammed those behind the campaign of sectarian intimidation.

"There is a concerted effort by people around this north Antrim area to disrupt and to ghettoise and sectarianise places," Mr McShane said.

"The vast majority of the community out there would have absolutely no time for this sort of behaviour.

"Certainly, when the first incident happened, people were up in arms about it.

"The people doing this are basically saying: 'This is the way it is in these areas, it is Protestant only'.

"The other residents left the house after the previous attack, and I understand the current residents are Catholic."

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